The Morpheus to MorpheusGang

This post is an attempt to provide an overview of the changes we are bringing about. A detailed website with comprehensive information is due to be live towards the end of July.


The past 6 odd years we have focussed on running an acceleration program which focussed on early stage startups. We morphed as we went along learning new things and staying relevant to the needs of the startups that have been a part of the morpheusgang. However, quite recently, with the personal learnings & changing needs of the morpheusgang; there is a strong indication to change the course. Therefore, this change; metamorphosis.

What we were:
India’s leading accelerator that ran a 4 month business acceleration program. If you are here reading this, then you know about our accelerator avatar, so won’t dwell too much into history.
What we are moving to become:
A community for the founders, by the founders, of the founders. Read founders as people who have the passion of starting up enterprises/businesses/companies. It’ll be called the morpheusgang.
morpheusgang is/will be a community of founders who proactively help each other in many ways to grow personally and professionally.
There will be no commercial fee to be a part of this community. No equity / No cash. One pays by helping others and receiving help.
morpheusgang currently is a community of over 170+ founders, that is vibrant with a dominating sense of giving and sharing. All these founders have come together via the acceleration program The Morpheus used to run.
There is a clear need to expand, extend this community to make it more inclusive and have a larger reach. Which was limited by the format of an acceleration program.
Therefore, morpheusgang is now going to be an open, opt-in community that will be based on the philosophies of “giving” / “pay-it-forward” / “gift economy”.
The community is no longer focusing only on early stage startups, but hopes to make founders across all stages of businesses inclusive; providing a common arena to learn from one another.
The community will no longer run a program or be time-bound.
Members of the community will be available to help each other, spend time to solve tough problems that are faced by its members, etc.
It will no longer be commercial. There will be no monetary investments. Nor will there be expectation of equity in exchange for time and money.
It will be based on “participation by will” and “contribution by will” – if one wishes to make a contribution in kind, equity or money, over and above their contribution to the community by way of their time, contacts, helps; they can do so.
How does one become a part of the morpheusgang now:
For a community thats already active, opening it up to a larger audience, to larger growing and learning opportunities is important. As much so is the need for a structured process that ensures entry of the right kind of people into the community. Hence a 4 step process.

The 4 step process:
(The decision of moving from one step to another will be made both by the founder/founding team and key members interacting as part of morpheusgang)

First Contact: Founders interested in becoming a part of the morpheusgang get in touch with the morpheus core team through a reference or by writing to neoATthemorpheusDOTcom
This is usually an email introduction via an acquaintance or a direct mail to neo with basic information about founder/founding team and what they are up to.
Intent Interactions: Based on first contact, there will be a minimum of 2 calls and a face2face meeting between the founders and key members of the morpheusgang, as required. A gang member (who may have relevant expertise in the same domain) from the morpheusgang will/may also interact with the founder/founding team
These interactions will be:
Getting to know each other better. Important to know who the founder/founding team is. Dynamics between the teammates. Their driving philosophies. What they are building? Why they are doing what they are doing?
Giving information about morpheusgang. The philosophy of giving. How the community will work going forward – finer details, etc.
Figuring out the philosophy fit which is most important.
Live-in: Post intent interactions, founders have an option to enter into a one month live-in with the morpheusgang to see what value it does offer in real. Live-in will involve face2face meetings with some folks of the morpheusgang and a visit to MorpheusHQ in Chandigarh, as required.
This phase is for
The founder/founding team to know more about how morpheusgang functions, its values.
It is also for folks in the morpheusgang to know more about the founder/founding team, their contribution to the gang and so forth.
There will be a near-real engagement so that both parties can learn how it will be to work together.
Key members from the morpheusgang will get involved in your business & start contributing as required. Interactions with other gang members & others in the network that can help the founder or can draw from the founders learnings will be facilitated.

New Comer: Post the Live-in Phase, founders/founding team gets a New Comer status in the morpheusgang community for 6 months
Now they are a part of the morpheusgang community, they can draw from the gang as much as they want and give back as they want.
Interactions with the key morpheusgang members continues, they also have seamless access to everyone in the community now via the mailing list and gang portal
They also can benefit from the gang meetups, events, retreats, etc.
Post 6 months, based on their intent to stay, their contribution to the gang, etc. they can continue becoming a part of the gang for the rest of their lives or decide not to continue.
Gang member: Post the new comer stage, the founder/ founding team decides to stay on as a gang member for the rest of their lives. All else in terms of the engagement stays the same.
The core to all the above is that gang members can take as much as they want and give as they want “by will”. It’s voluntary to join. But commitment to give and take value should be displayed once a part of the gang.

Each of us have a role to play in this world; more so for an entrepreneur to build his business many people / situations / circumstances come into play. At morpheusgang, we have seen that the more one gives, the more he gets. It’s seamless, unselfish giving that has resulted in many enriched lives. morpheusgang now will only take this core forward by opening it to many more lives to be influenced from and touched.

If it interests you, get in touch, write to neoATthemorpheusDOTcom