MyFruitChaat: Hits the spot in Delhi & inspires a new look for food chains

Our offerings present an healthy and yummy alternative for a snack/light meal. We are confident of creating next big chain of food outlets out of it – Apoorva, Founder, MyFruitChaat

The opportunity

In the world full of pizzas, burgers and fried chicken, we looked for a delicious and healthy snack which would have no guilty feeling and yet be incredibly tempting. Hence MFC (MyFruitChaat) was born.

Where we are heading

We want to open a chain of retail outlets and small mobile carts in busy markets, food courts and malls. Our customers can pick can choose their fruits which are already sliced n’ diced, and choose their sauces to make their bowl of FruitChaat.

Where we are now

We started off through a ‘deliver only’ store in Gurgaon (Cyber City).We also have couple of carts operating in South Delhi markets. We get excited about developing new foods that people will crave (without guilt!). We have introduced FruitCream, FruitCustards and Frozerts to our product line.

We’re looking for

Someone who has ‘been there, done that’ – who enjoys people, incidents, situations as they come. Eighty percent of the time, we are dealing with people. Ideally, you’ve been in the market and dealt with plethora of funny people in your past.

Does the opportunity to scale up a proven food treat excite you? Then why don’t you come over on 27th April to meet Apoorva, interact with the MyFruitChaat team and perhaps Hug them?