CvBhejo via mobile phone?! Help link jobseekers + SMBs in small town India

You go through the highs and lows of educating all stakeholders on what’s possible – job seekers, College Heads / Directors, and SMBs. When you face all this during a day, you surely know, that you are on the right track and solving a highly complex but necessary problem – Nikhilesh, Founder, CvBhejo

The beginning

Before CvBhejo, I founded an NGO in Pune to teach slum children and a theater group in Hyderabad. Now, my vision is to redefine how recruitment is done in small cities.

Why CvBhejo?

I saw that SMBs in small cities need skilled people but can’t afford platforms to recruit effectively. It’s also difficult to contact job seekers via internet. Only 3 of potentially 10 crore job seekers in regional areas are listed in current databases. CvBhejo is India’s first mobile-based platform to help job-seekers, colleges & employers recruit effectively.

Typical day in the office

We pitch to prospects from newspapers; build partnerships with colleges, counsel job seekers, and sell to SMBs. We quickly realized it’s tough to sell anything… but tougher to sell to an SMB, and toughest of all, to sell to a small city SMB.

What we’re upto?

CvBhejo is used by 42K job seekers, 900 recruiters, and partners with 65 colleges. We have 5500+ jobs with notable clients like IDBI Intech, PVR Cinemas, India Infoline, Idea Cellular & others. Based in Rajasthan, we grew to six cities. We plan to focus on Jaipur.

We are looking for

Somebody who doesn’t want to fit into a particular role and is happy to work in Jaipur. You need to have the attitude ‘I will figure it out (with some expletives)’.

Life at CvBhejo…

Want to create a social impact by using mobile technology in regional areas and giving people jobs? Then why don’t you come over on 27th April to meet Nikhilesh & his team, interact with them and perhaps Hug them?