The Morpheus

The Morpheus Gang!

The morpheus is taking a more radical AVATAAR!

Morpheus is the Greek God of Dreams. And Dreams never cease!

The Morpheus was started without any set agenda. It was simply for the joy of growing ourselves by working with smart young entrepreneurs & contributing to the eco-system. Today, The Morpheus is a 6 year old project, that is made up of a strong community of 160+ entrepreneurs called the morpheusgang, who provide non-stop support to each other. Nandini, Sameer and a bunch of good folks have been taking care of the morpheus operations.

In the light of this new development, we are working on the finer details of how we’ll operate in the new avataar, it’ll take us a few weeks. Meanwhile, we are still available for you, write to neoATthemorpheusDOTcom

The following is an announcement, account of our evolution as people working towards creating a community of good people who want to build, create and be happy. Read More…


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Read our Letters to stake holders to get an insider’s veiw - Letter 1 & Letter 2